Salient Features

  • 5 Stage Battery Charger
  • Dual Charging Option 20A/30A
  • Temperature Controlled Fan
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • User Settable Parameters

  • High Efficiency Inverter and Battery Charger
  • Front Panel LCD Display & LED Indications
  • Overload,Shortcircuit,Overtemperature Protections
  • Output Over & Under Voltage Protections
  • Overload & Battery Low Pre Alaram

Output Voltage 220/230/400/415 volts +- 1% three phase, 4 Wire output Nominal voltage can be adjusted by +- 5% via system setpoints
Output Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz +-5% during standalone inverter operation Inverter to follow grid frequency up to 3Hz of the nominal output frequency during parallel operation
Continuous Rating 10 kVA with all phase equally loaded
Surge Rating 15 kVA (150%) for 30 sec with all phases equally loaded
Bettery Voltage 240 volts DC
Control Type Voltage sourse, microprocessor assisted output requlation
Waveform DSP generated PWM for low THD, sine wave output
THD less than 3%
Efficiency Peak 94% at full load
Protection Inverter continuous overload protection
Inverter peak current (short circuit) protection
Heatsink over temperature protection
Over / under voltage AC voltage protection
Over / under frequency protection
Over / under battery voltage protection
Anti islanding protection
Alarm Signals Via system fault relay (voltage free contact)
Front Panel Display (LCD) 40*4 LCD panel with membrane keypad displaying the following:
Grid and inverter per phase kW, voltage, pf, freq
Grid and inverter on line status
Battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature
Solar charge current and ambient temperature
Individual power stage heatsink and cabinet temperature
Wind charge current (optional extra)
Inverter, genset and site kWh consumption, genset run hours
System setpoints, event logs and data logs
Fuel flow (x2), fuel level (optional extra)
Solar radiation and wind speed (optional extra)
Front Panel Control (via keypad) Auto Mode Selections – Equalise Battery
Manual Mode Selections – Inverter,Grid
Front Panel Control (discrete) Grid Mode Manual Bypass Switch
Front Panel Indicators Inverter On Line and Grid On Line
Control Power Supply OK
System Fault
Cricuit Beakers Grid Input
Genset Input (if Back up DG Feature is used)
Battery Input
Solar Input (with shunt trip)
RFI Designed to minimise both conducted and radiated RFI emissions
Earthing Provisions AC bypassing to earth on inverter and DC inputs
IEC -60068-2(1,2,14,30)
IEC – 60529
ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature Range is 5-45 degrees Celsius
Humidity is 0-90% non condensing
Enclosure is rated for Ip21